Florida Representative Shane Abbott paid a visit to Revelation Pharma family member Everwell Specialty Pharmacy in Pensacola, Fla., where he had a dynamic conversation on pharmacy compounding, regulatory reform, and the hurdles confronting patients and pharmacists alike. Notably, Representative Abbott stands out as one of only two pharmacists serving in the Florida legislature; he also owns a pharmacy on the Florida panhandle.

A staunch advocate for healthcare affordability and transparency, Representative Abbott shared invaluable insights on key legislative endeavors aimed at tackling pressing issues such as current USP standards, compounding for drug shortages, and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) reform.

Representative Abbott's pivotal role is underscored by his membership on the Health Regulations Subcommittee, Healthcare Appropriations Subcommittee, and the Insurance and Banking Subcommittee. These assignments are testament to his expertise and unwavering dedication to enhancing healthcare access and affordability for all Floridians.

During his visit, Representative Abbott outlined several legislative initiatives he has spearheaded to address the multifaceted challenges within the pharmaceutical industry, including leading the passage of a comprehensive PBM reform bill, subsequently signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Representative Abbott for engaging with us and our local staff who share our commitment to serving the community and advancing healthcare outcomes for all. We eagerly anticipate further collaboration to confront the medication challenges confronting patients and pharmacists within today's complex healthcare landscape.

Additionally, our sincere appreciation for the dedicated and knowledgeable staff at Everwell Specialty Pharmacy. Their warm welcome, accommodating demeanor, and thorough explanations left a lasting impression on Representative Abbott, further solidifying our commitment to excellence in patient care and advocacy. Have you met Brandon, Kelly, Lennon, or Phu?! They make up a part of the amazing staff at Everwell!

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To join in the fight for patient access to compounded medications, check out our partnership with the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding and its efforts for compounding on a federal level.

Hosting a legislator is a great idea and the perfect way to show them how compounding really works. The folks at APC even have a handy PDF guide for doing it right — check it out!