Ohio State Senator Kent Smith, minority whip and longtime legislator, paid a visit to Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy in late April. Prior to his visit, Smith had a limited background on the world of compounding. Steven Dufala, general manager and pharmacist-in-charge, kicked off the tour with a brief explanation of what compounding is and the patients we serve.

While walking through our state-of-the-art facility, Nancy Fingerhut, director of quality assurance and regulatory affairs, took the time to explain the various measures we have in place to ensure quality and safety. She brought up the significant impact recent regulatory changes have had on the industry, and what we have done as a company to meet those standards.

Previous owner Alan Israel also joined us for the tour and was able to provide insight on the history of Lee Silsby and the vital role the store has played in the community, as Silsby is located in Smith’s district.

Katie Johnston, Revelation Pharma’s government affairs associate, touched on the need for representation from policy makers as the industry and our business expands. The group explained the challenges that come from the stigma associated with compounding, and how we are working to change the landscape and raise awareness.

We appreciate Senator Smith taking the time to come see our space, listen to our concerns, and learn about compounding. Stay tuned for the next tour and what’s to come!

To learn more about our advocacy efforts at Revelation Pharma, check out the advocacy section of our blog.

Hosting a legislator is a great idea and the perfect way to show them how compounding really works. The folks at the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding even have a handy PDF guide for doing it right — check it out!